Loose Women’s Linda Robson admits she ‘wet herself’ on I’m A Celeb

Linda Robson explains the 'worst thing' you can do on I'm A Celeb

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Linda Robson, 64, made a bold confession about being unable to control her bladder inside her I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! sleeping bag during Tuesday’s episode of Loose Women. The ITV panellist recounted being so “scared” on her first night in the jungle that she inevitably “wet” herself.

Linda took part in 2012, which saw Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks crowned as Queen of the Jungle.

She said: “The first night I got in there, I was in a sleeping bag. I thought ‘I need to go to the toilet’ but they turn all the lights off, it’s pitch black, so all you hear is the noise. 

“So, in the end, I just wet myself in the sleeping bag. I thought ‘I’m not getting up on my own without a lamp to go to the toilet’. So I just did it and then I had to wash everything out the next day.”

Some horrified viewers took to Twitter to express their disgust over the panellist’s candid “grotesque” confession.

Marvin_1_0_1 tweeted: “Linda that’s disgusting. Why do people on television talk about wetting themselves like it’s funny?

“Grotesque, depraved, filthy. #loosewomen @LindaRobson58”

Mabel_Mouse_ chimed in: “Oh Linda fgs! #LooseWomen”

CarolineCadRae wrote: “A bit extreme lol #LooseWomen”

But it is not the first time Linda revealed she wet herself, with fans becoming concerned about her health after a similar admission last year.

The TV star was urged by viewers to visit her GP after opening up about an “accident” she had suffered during her holiday in Portugal.

Speaking on the ITV programme last month, Linda explained: “I’ve been to Portugal, with my friend Lesley Joseph.

“We did parasailing, go-karts, cooking and swimming. We did everything.

“And we did a water park, it was so lovely just getting away from you lot! It’s for a show that’s coming early next year. It was 19 days away.”

The panellist then went on to explain she suffered an incident after sliding down a water slide.

Linda confessed: “I had a bit of an accident. We all got on a rubber dingy down a water slide.

“When it got to the top of the wall, I couldn’t hold on any longer and so when we got to the bottom the dingy landed on top of me along with three other people. I actually wet myself!”

Concerned viewers took to Twitter to discuss Linda’s accident, with some urging her to get the issue checked out.

Mabel_Mouse_ tweeted: “Why does Linda keep telling people she wets herself? She needs to see the GP  #LooseWomen”

ragan_burrows wrote: “She’s 61. Leave her alone!!! People are going to be incontinent at that age. It can’t be helped. Some nasty people!”

Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12.30pm.

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