Lucy Alexander: Homes Under The Hammer star shares video after being accused of ‘lying’

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Lucy Alexander, 50, couldn’t get enough of the nice weather on Wednesday as she made her way down to Whitstable beach, taking in the idyllic scenery while on her way to her dad’s house. And she came nothing but prepared – armed with eggs and a packet of bagels in her pocket for breakfast.

Someone’s just text me saying: ‘Shut up, you haven’t really got eggs and bagels in your pocket’ – I have!

Lucy Alexander

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the former BBC star revealed she had been waking up at 5am all week and needed to clear her head of “Covid anxiety”.

She was eager to show her fans her view for the morning as she walked across the pebbled beachfront.

“I just had to come here,” she told her followers.

“It’s literally like a millpond this morning, it’s so beautiful!”

She turned her phone towards the sea and she was right, it was flat as anything.

But her peace was soon interrupted by one fan who didn’t believe she was carrying eggs around with her on a walk.

And Lucy was keen to prove them wrong.

“So, someone’s just text me saying: ‘Shut up, you haven’t really got eggs and bagels in your pocket,'” she smirked, before pointing at the camera.

“I have!” she chuckled, as the telly favourite fumbled in her jacket to produce the goods.

“There’s the bagels,” she said as she waved them in front of the camera.

“And here’s the eggs… I had to chop them all up because I didn’t want them to smash, so I have another two in my other pocket.”

Lucy then brought around half a carton of eggs, raising her eyebrows while letting the proof speak for itself before heading off to her dads.

The 50-year-old has always been very family oriented, sharing intimate snaps of her and her loved ones on social media.

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Spending time with her dad, who lives alone, has become very precious after her mum passed away in February earlier this year.

During lockdown, Lucy spoke of her heartbreak at not being able to see her father, who had fallen ill at the time, but she was over the moon when they could finally reunite.

She shared a lovely photo of the two together at the seaside town back in June, as they enjoyed a day out together.

The presenter could be seen standing alongside her father as they smiled for the camera.

She captioned the picture: “Dad time. Always the best,” while clarifying their hug was in-line with the latest government guidelines of “bubbles”.

Lucy’s dad has been self-isolating alone at home following the death of her mum, and admitted she had a “little weep” during a phone call with him ahead of her visit.

Lucy revealed: “I’ve just had a little chat with my dad who’s isolating alone. It’s hard for everyone who’s separated from family at this time.

“I know it’s the right thing for his own safety but I still have a little weep when we talk about mum and her passing and what we are most looking forward to when this is all over.”

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