Lydia Bright opens up on mum guilt as she juggles work life with baby Loretta

Lydia Bright has opened up after admitting that “juggling mum life and work life is hard”.

The former TOWIE star, 30, took to Instagram to share how she’s been coping, explaining that she had to call her daughter’s nursery to help with an extra day of childcare.

She wrote: “I woke up this morning with an enormous wave of mum guilt.”

“Work is so busy, which I am so grateful for, but it is impossible to get on top of everything with two days of childcare.

“I went to bed feeling fine, then this morning I woke up feeling like I hadn’t made Loretta my number one priority. I felt so sad until she ran excitingly to her teacher and I caught up with my overwhelming email inbox.”

Lydia’s daughter, Loretta Rose, was born in February 2020.

The star has been raising her little girl as a single mum after splitting with ex-boyfriend, Lee Cronin, when she was just 11 weeks pregnant.

While the two split amicably, co-parenting Loretta and providing childcare where possible, it has been proving tough for Lydia to get the balance right.

“I was debating whether to post this, but I think it’s important for other working mums to see. Juggling mum life and work life is hard,” the mum-of-one wrote.

“As my sister explained to me this morning, spending time with our children is important but working to be able to give them a nice home and a life of adventure and experiences also is.

“I hope one day Loretta will look at me and be proud of everything I have built for us. I’m sure we all have these moments but mums, maybe we need to stop being so hard on ourselves.”

After being inundated with responses, Lydia posted a much more positive update.

“Reading through my DMs. Unfortunately, so many of us struggle with mum/work guilt,” she wrote.

“Never feel like you are alone with your feelings, as I have been inundated with messages like these. I love you all for taking the time to write to me.

“I’m going to bed feeling proud to be a working, single mum.”

Lydia has always been incredibly honest on social media, recently sharing her struggles with her daughter’s sleep regression while also being diagnosed with post-viral fatigue after a nasty infection.

At the time, she wrote: "I know this will all pass and I do think everything happens in life for a reason. Maybe this was the sign I needed to slow down, as I am guilty of trying to do too much at times."

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