Maitland Ward: Boy Meets World Star Embarks on Adult Film Career, Regets Nothing

If you were a fan of the late-’90, early-2000s sitcom Boy Meets World, then you’re likely familiar with the work of Maitland Ward.

For two seasons, Ward played Rachel McGuire on the popular sitcom, but in the years that followed, her career took an unexpected turn.

Like the internet itself, Ward quickly realized there’s more money to be made in the pornographic arts than in other, more wholesome forms of entertainment.

And so, acting gave way to racy cosplay at conventions, which in turn gave play to going full-Diggler and actually having sex on camera.

Yes, Ward is a full-blown porn star these days, and while there was a time when news of a mainstream TV actress entering the adult industry might have come as a shock, we live at a time in which a porn star nearly took down a corrupt president, so there’s a good deal more respect for the profession that at any other time in history.

Ward spoke with In Touch this week and in a surprisingly candid interview, the 42-year-old described her unlikely “journey” from Disney-owned ABC to the front page of PornHub.

“They asked me to be a part of this, and I thought, ‘I never knew there was anything in adults or porn or whatever that was this well done.’ I read the script, and I was like, ‘This is really, really well-written,’” Ward says.

“This has so many themes in this and just my character is so different than anything I have portrayed before.”

Yes, the actress made her adult debut last month, and she’s currently promoting her new film Drive, which sadly has nothing to do with the weird 90-minute music video starring Ryan Gosling that had every frat douche wearing a scorpion jacket for Halloween back in 2011.

Interestingly, Ward says she thinks the work she’s putting in on her current projects is stronger than anything she’s ever done on TV:

“I really got to set myself free with this and really express myself in a way that I haven’t done before,” she explains.

“I don’t think my fans have seen me like this before — really, they haven’t. It’s just very deep sensuality, and I think that is a really fun way to play an explorer, and I got to do things that I wouldn’t have thought in the past. Just these sexual situations that are sort of taboo.”

Ward adds that the career move is something she’s considered for a long time, but she only recently felt confident enough to make the leap.

“I started doing this kind of film, professional stuff, not very long ago — only a couple months ago,” she says.

“I felt ready. It wasn’t like I was saying, ‘Oh, I want to do this all along,’ but it was like, ‘I need to do this.’ I really feel that quality stuff and the hot sex stuff can be together, and I really want that,” Maitland continues.

“I hope my past and stuff can add any legitimacy to a great project, to get attention or to get people to actually watch and say, ‘Oh yeah, it is really good.’”

As for what finally inspired her to go the full monty, Ward credits the self-assurance that comes with age:

“Over time, I kind of don’t give a f—k anymore,” she shares.

“I want to be who I am, and I just think as I have matured too, I am who I am. I want my cellulite to be sexy. Of course, there are days you don’t want to. I don’t do it every day. If I am feeling like crap, I am not going to go run out in the streets naked, you know?”

We wish her all the best — and we’re sure lots of millennials who grew up on Boy Meets World will be happy to follow Ward on her new career path.

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