‘Mama Medium’ Sneak Peek: Jennie Marie Unites 2 Families Who Tragically Lost Loved Ones In A Fire

Jennie Marie takes two families back to the devastating moment they lost two of their loved ones in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new ‘Mama Medium.’ Watch the emotional sneak peek now.

Jennie Marie is bringing two families together and finally giving them answers about their loved ones’ final moments. In our EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new Mama Medium, Jennie talks to two kids whose dad, Chip, died in a fire. She admits that their dad’s throat hurt, and he was struggling to breathe. But he wasn’t alone. A man named Simeon was there trying to help him. Gabriel and Angie, Simeon’s brother and mother, are in tears as they take everything in about what happened to their beloved Simeon.

Both Chip and Simeon were firefighters. They both took a fall during the fire, which led to their tragic deaths. When Jennie talks about the fall, both families are speechless because that’s exactly what happened. Jennie Marie keeps saying that she doesn’t see flames, but she does see smoke. “He must of came back for your dad,” Jennie Marie says to Chip, who agrees with her about what happened. Jennie says that Simeon was screaming while trying to help Chip. Gabriel can’t fight back his sobs. Jennie is giving them the closure both these families need.

This season, Jennie Marie bridges the gap for people who are desperate to communicate with their loved ones, whether they’ve transitioned to the afterlife or suffered a life-altering incident. Every episode will showcase several readings, offering viewers a first-hand look at Jennie Marie’s unique ability to connect with people on a deeper, more spiritual level. Mama Medium airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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