Margot Robbie Replacing Amy Schumer In The ‘Barbie’ Movie!

The Barbie movie is finally coming together — in a very different way.

The controversial casting of Amy Schumer is well behind us, as is the chance of Anne Hathaway as her replacement.

In fact, the entire premise of a Barbie exiled to the real world may be out as Sony officially missed their window; after 4 years of failing to bring Barbie to life, the rights reverted back to toy company Mattel.

Video: Meanwhile Amy Is Getting Arrested…

Now a deal is reportedly in place with Warner Bros, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Margot Robbie is in talks to star as the world’s most famous doll!

The Suicide Squad star’s relationship with WB has been nothing but golden with followup Birds Of Prey adding cast members now.

No news yet on the new take, but sources say none other than Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is circling the project as well!

{OMG please let the Barbies have bows and arrows…}

What do YOU think of the potential new casting??

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