Margot Robbie unveils tribute to the Queen with long black cape

Margot Robbie paid tribute to the Queen in London today

Despite hailing from Australia, Margot Robbie seemed determined to pay tribute to the Queen via her black caped outfit on the red carpet today. 

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Margot Robbie, 32, showed up to the premiere at the Odeon Luxe cinema in Leicester Square dressed from head to toe in black, with her elegant outfit including a floor-length cape attached to her choker.

The Australian beauty seemed to be marking the mourning period Brits had been undergoing for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral as she showed up in the sombre yet spectacular outfit.

Her floor-length dress featured a dramatic slit up the front reaching to her higher thigh, plus a cut-out section revealing her toned and trim waist.

The Wolf of Wall Street star, who paired the outfit with silver strappy sandals, was joined by Amsterdam co-stars Rami Malek and Christian Bale.

The cast of the historical comedy, which is set in the 1930s, also includes Chris Rock, Robert De Niro and Taylor Swift.

Margot Robbie earned attention from everyone with her dramatic black cape

Actress Margot Robbie’s floor length black cape drew plenty of attention on the red carpet.

Margot Robbie took to the stage

During her short speech to commemorate the premiere of Amsterdam, Margot Robbie looked a little tense but was pleased to be at the event.

Margot Robbie with her co-stars

Margot Robbie posed alongside Amsterdam co-stars Christian Balndrea Riseborough and Rami Malek on the red carpet.

Margot Robbie posed for numerous photos

Margot Robbie attracted admiring glances from everyone around her, including the assembled paparazzi.

Margot Robbie has also chatted about the Amsterdam film on TV

Just two days before the event, Margot Robbie also appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Margot Robbie with Rami Malek

Margot Robbie also appeared at the USA premiere of the film, which was held in New York, but this time wearing all white.

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