‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Aubrey O’Day Explodes On Momma Dee After She’s Accused Of Ignoring Pauly D

Yikes! Pauly D’s girlfriend, Aubrey O’Day, was forced to defend her relationship on the Oct. 5 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’.

The major fight on this week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp wasn’t between usual suspects Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D. Instead, it was between the former Danity Kane singer and Momma Dee! Believe it or not, the two ladies engaged in an aggressive screaming match when Momma Dee slammed Aubrey for ignoring her boyfriend, Jersey Shore star Pauly D. “You don’t pay enough attention to your own relationship,” Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Momma Dee said to Aubrey, but Aubrey refused to take her advice. “So, anyone that wants to tell me that I don’t give to my relationship can really like move the f**k on,” Aubrey said about Momma Dee. “You’re not letting me speak on the issue.”

“I can’t because you don’t know how to give room,” Momma Dee told her, and then Aubrey exploded. “Do you give room to anyone in this house? No, you don’t. You speak over everyone all the f**king time,” Aubrey said before she stormed out of the room. Momma Dee’s husband, Ernest Bryant, then called Aubrey a “drama queen,” and she became even more enraged! “Oh, God I can’t f**king take it anymore,” she screamed.

Later, when Pauly D chased after Aubrey O’Day and found her in their bedroom, she started attacking him. “You did not make me feel safe right now. I didn’t feel safe with Momma Dee, [especially] after dealing with your latest tantrum,” she yelled, referring to the fact that Pauly D previously left the house before the doctors convinced him to return. She then called him “deceptive” and accused him of “not having my back.” When he asked her why she’s in the house, then, if he’s so “damaged”, she said they’re there to get help. But he clapped back by accusing her of never wanting to receive any sort of therapy, she only wants to give it. “Try fixing yourself first. You can’t even listen to anybody in the house. Listen to somebody!” he yelled.

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