Matt James Blasts Friend for Awful Comment About Victoria Larson

All hail the Queen?

Not quite.

Not to the shock, dismay and anger of Matt James.

Allow us to explain…

In a video shared on Instagram this past Monday by Bachelornation.Scoop, the Bachelor lead is seen playing a round of golf with a group of friends, including former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron.

As James prepares to putt, a friend named Jerry tries to distract him by bringing up this season’s most polarizing suitor and asking:

“Now how was Victoria’s body? ‘Cause when I look at her, it doesn’t look very nice … and you’ve been making out with this woman.”

Ouch, huh?

Larson — who has declared herself the “Queen” of Season 25 and who isn’t very popular — left a comment on the video that read, “Cute … I love my body :)” with a pink heart emoji.

She also appeared to clap back on her own Instagram feed.

Captioning her first post with a golfer emoji, the 27-year-old shared a split-screen photo of Miss Universe contestants in bikinis, above an image of a shirtless man sitting on a couch and holding a glass of beer.

The photo of the man included the words, “Her nose is too big.”

Larson also posted a snapshot of herself in a black bikini, captioning the post, “Y’all r too much body by @naturalpilates & @carriespilatesplus.”

Jerry has since said he has “no regrets” over his body-shaming, describing Victoria as “ignorant, obnoxious [and] self-entitled.”

That may all be true, but James appeared on Thursday’s episode of The Real and called his so-called friend out for crossing a lline.

“It’s just a constant reminder that you need to be smart about the people you surround yourself with,” James said of this Jerry person.

“And those moments when you’re in sports and people are trying to say things to you to throw things off your game, it’s sad that someone would think saying something like that about a woman that I was dating would deter me from what I was trying to do.”

That’s a long-winded way of saying:

Lame trash talk, Jerry!

Concluded James on the topic:

“Who is he to comment on someone’s body? It’s such a low blow for any man to try and take a dig at something like that.”

“That’s not my character and that’s not what I’m about. It’s a shame that that’s even associated with what was going on.”

“I apologize on his behalf. I don’t know if you’ll get it from him, but that’s not something I support or stand for.”

Well said, Matt!

Indeed, while ratings for this ongoing season have not been especially strong, most viewers remain big fans of James as the show’s anchor.

According to a bunch of The Bachelor spoilers, things about to pick up, too. Big time.

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