Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-BFF Kelsey Raises Eyebrows After Outing With Rapper’s Label head

Kelsey then addresses the confusing interaction in an Instagram Live, where she also promises to share what actually happened during a July altercation between Megan and Tory Lanez.

AceShowbizMegan Thee Stallion has been reported to have a fallout with her BFF Kelsey after the former’s shooting drama with Tory Lanez. Kelsey appears to further fuel the speculations after she was spotted attending a party with Carl Crawley, the head of Meg’s label 1501 Certified.

She was featured in a video posted on the official Instagram page of 1501 Certified. The clip saw Kelsey hanging out with Carl and Rap-A-Lot Records founder James Prince. “There’s two things that is earned and cannot be bought. What is that?” so she asked Prince, who later replied, “Respect and loyalty.”

Fans were confused by the whole interaction considering the tension between Kelsey and Megan. It appeared that Kelsey caught wind of it as she addressed the matter in Instagram Live session on Monday, November 2.

During the live streaming, Kelsey assured her followers that she would always be on Megan’s side. “That was my friend, of course, I’m gonna defend her,” she said, urging people to “relax.”

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She also promised to share what actually happened during the July altercation between Megan and Tory, whom the “Savage” hitmaker accused of shooting her. However, Kelsey added that she didn’t feel obligated to tell anything to the public at the moment.

It was previously reported that the argument between Tory and Megan on that fateful night started after Tory, who got close with Megan during lockdown, was caught hooking up with both women. “Tory and Meg get to arguing. Kylie’s outside at the pool still. Tory and the girl in the car start arguing. Meg walked out because she finds out such and such, Tory been messing with both of the women in the car. You know how that goes already, Tory got in trouble,” the Canadian MC’s guard claimed in October.

“Meg hops out the car, Tory and the girl fighting over the gun. The gun accidentally goes off in the midst of them fighting for it and the gun shoots and the bullet accidentally hits near Megan. That’s why it didn’t hit any tendons because it grazed her, it didn’t actually hit her. She’s lying like it hit her,” he added.

Adding tension between the rumored former best friends, Kelsey was accused of taking hush money from Tory while Megan was recently blasted by Kelsey’s sister. “Y’all want my sister to speak and defend for what? Nobody from that camp defended her or protected her that night or a single time after!” she wrote on Instagram. “Last time I checked she allowed people to think Kelsey shot her & had her little ‘friends’ sending threats but wants to scream protect black women. HAH! Y’all MFs don’t know what my sister has been through. Y’all have some nerves.”

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