Meghan Markle’s Friends Were ‘So Surprised’ By Pregnancy News!

Fast work, Prince Harry! LOLz!

Some jokesters couldn’t help ragging on Harry after the Duke and his wife Meghan Markle announced they were expecting a child on Monday. As you can guess, all the jokes were about how fast Harry got Meg pregnant.

Well, it seems like even the couple’s close friends were astonished at the speed of conception (and probably made a few jokes themselves).

A source revealed to People:

“Her friends knew she was trying and that she wasn’t going to wait long because she’s older. But everyone was so surprised it happened so quickly.”

That’s ’cause Harry and Meghan have magic, or should we say royal, sperm and eggs! Oh, sorry, did we go too far?

Another close family friend (really?) confessed to the publication:

“One or two people were suspicious,  they kept it very close to the chest.”

That’s nice. It’s so important to have people around you who can keep mum, even though they’re apparently okay with blabbing now. Personally, we appreciate it!

As you know, the announcement came right before the royal pair embarked on their first official royal tour to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga, where they will make quite a few appearances. It all might prove to be very challenging for the Duchess.

A friend said:

“I think it is very brave ahead of one of the most grueling trips they will have to make. The great thing is that is in the best possible hands.”

No doubt about that! Harry is so doting.

Are U excited about the pregnancy and the royal tour, too???

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