Melania & Donald Trump will not show the Bidens even the barest of courtesies

Melania Trump will go down in history as one of the worst people to ever occupy the White House. She is boring, dull, stupid, classless, ignorant, racist, terrible and lazy. At no point in the past ten weeks has Melania even called Dr. Jill Biden, much less invite her to the White House to show her the East Wing offices and the WH residence. As FLOTUS historians note, this is the first time in modern history – at least a century – that the outgoing First Lady has not even bothered to CALL, much less meet with, the new First Lady. Even First Ladies who f–king hated each other still adhered to tradition, to history, to the barest of ceremonial duties. CNN had a piece about the history of this tradition between First Ladies – go here to read. CNN also had this piece about what exactly will happen on the 20th for the actual hand-over of the White House. For the first time in a century, the outgoing “First Family” will not greet the incoming First Family on January 20th.

No greeting at the White House: On the morning of January 20, Donald Trump and Melania Trump will depart the White House as President and first lady, but they will not invite their incoming counterparts, Joe and Jill Biden, inside before they do. The dissolving of one of America’s most enduring transfer-of-power rituals — the outgoing president welcoming the incoming president on the steps of the North Portico, and then riding with them to the United States Capitol — is just one of the snubs the Trumps are perpetrating as they leave Washington.

The Bidens will be greeted by the White House usher: Instead of a president and first lady, the Bidens will be greeted by the White House chief usher Timothy Harleth, according to a source familiar with the day’s events and planning. Harleth, a 2017 Trump hire from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, will likely not stay on in the Biden administration, the source said, noting the role of chief usher in all probability will be filled by someone more familiar with the incoming president and first lady.

The other ex-presidents will be there: The afternoon of Inauguration Day, then-President Biden will participate in a ceremonial wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery, joined by former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. It is during these hours the bulk of the Bidens’ personal effects will be moved into the White House and unpacked, according to another source with knowledge of executive residence practices.

Deep-cleaning: By that time, all Trump paraphernalia will be gone, and a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire White House campus will have been completed. Deeper cleaning protocols were arranged via the White House with outside contractors, on top of regular cleaning done by staff, including specialized attention to rugs, carpets, curtains and surfaces, to tackle any possibility of lingering germs, of the Covid-19 sort or otherwise. “Moving furniture and vacuuming, cleaning baseboards, vacuuming drapes, wiping down shades, cleaning chandeliers, washing windows, high dusting,” are areas all covered during the traditional move-in of a new president and his family, according to the residence source. “That cleaning will start as soon as Donald Trump and Melania Trump depart.”

Melania slept alone in the White House presidential suite: A particular focus of this move will be paid to the bedrooms in the residence, where new mattresses and box springs for the incoming first family are standard operating procedure, according to the source. Yet one part of the bedroom set-up will be markedly different with the Bidens than it was for the Trumps: the Bidens will be sharing a bedroom. Melania Trump spent the majority of her time in the White House in the large bedroom suite typically reserved for Presidents and their spouse, adjacent to the West Sitting Hall, according to a source with knowledge of the arrangement. “Donald Trump slept in his own bedroom, which was previously a study or den during other administrations,” the source said of the arrangement.

Childish behavior: The Inauguration Day snub of the Biden’s comes on the heels of a series of broken norms and childish behavior that comes directly from the President of the United States, who has been vocal about his disinterest in preserving any semblance of decency towards the man who will succeed him. Trump, according to several sources, is even mulling whether to write a letter to Biden to leave for him in the Oval Office, a standard-bearing tradition.

The Trumps are such trash: Though the Bidens have a unique perspective having visited the White House numerous times throughout Joe Biden’s decades-long political career, the lack of politeness from the Trumps stings. “It’s abhorrent,” said another former White House official who worked in the Trump administration. Small measures of decorum during the transition are being practiced, however. CNN has learned of at least three Trump administration officials who used private communication channels to reach out to their Biden administration counterparts in the last month, despite the President not conceding his loss.

Trump’s final hours: On Sunday, invitations were issued to Trump’s circle asking them to please attend — and bring up to five guests — his and Melania Trump’s going-away celebration at Joint Base Andrews, prior to boarding Air Force One early Wednesday morning for their last trip on the storied aircraft, which will deposit them in Florida. Trump has told staff he wants his tarmac send-off to include all the pomp and circumstance he feels he deserves, including a 21-Gun Salute, red carpet and military Color Guard. On Monday afternoon, an administration official told CNN the bells and whistles might all be for a very big audience of one — the President — and a small audience of others: “So far, there haven’t been a lot of RSVPs.”

[From CNN]

It would be the final screw-you on Inauguration Day if Trump threw himself a lil’ Nazi military parade and no one showed up. But I still hate the idea of Tin-Pot Dictator Bone Spurs ordering the military to honor him one last time. Ugh. This CNN piece also noted that while Mike Pence called Kamala Harris roughly nine weeks after she and Joe Biden won the election, Mother Pence has not called Doug Emhoff. I could say something very rude here but I won’t. I’m just happy to see these garbage people being thrown out.

Melania also thought that people would care about her farewell speech. Idiot.

— Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) January 18, 2021

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