Melania Trump gets ridiculed over Christmas decorations – it’s not even August

It may be hotter than the seventh circle of hell at the moment, but before we know it, the John Lewis advert will premier, Secret Santa emails will start to circulate and mince pies will appear in shops.

Admit it, you know it's true.

Over in Washington DC, Christmas decoration plans are already underway in the White House, with First Lady Melania Trump at the helm.

Yes, while her husband continues to do whatever it is he actually does (bar tweeting) on a daily basis, Melania has been treating her followers to a glimpse of the process.

What's happening in the pictures, according to the Daily Mail , is Melania is casting an eye over fake flowers and fabric swatches and putting together her decoration plans.

Taken at face value, it's a pretty wholesome and inoffensive tweet. Except, obviously, people either took offence – or just casually mocked her.

Many Twitter users remembered previous, terrifying festive themes .

Then there's the fact that it's still July.

And there were one or two helpful suggestions.

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