Michael C. Hall Craves for Emotional Intimacy With Man

Michael C. Hall struggles to label his sexuality because he knows he’s not completely straight.

The former “Dexter” star, who has portrayed gay and transgender characters in several roles, has only ever had real-life relationships with women, but he insists he’s not “all the way heterosexual”.

Hall, who has been married three times, tells The Daily Beast, “I think there’s a spectrum. I am on it. I’m heterosexual. But if there was a percentage, I would say I was not all the way heterosexual… I think I have always leaned into any fluidity in terms of my sexuality.”

Michael, who lost his father to cancer when he was just 11, admits he has always craved “emotional intimacy” with another man because he didn’t get that growing up.

“I’ve never had an intimate relationship with a man,” he explains. “I think, maybe because of an absent father, there has definitely been a craving for an emotional intimacy with a man. I don’t mean to suggest that an emotional relationship between a father and son is any way homoerotic. I mean an emotional intimacy or connection that at least in the milieu I grew up in was considered fey.”

“I had an appetite to have emotional connections with men beyond beer, sports, and fist pumping that were considered ‘gay.’ ”

But at least acting allowed Hall to play gay characters, and he insists his background helped him portray homosexuals on stage and screen with conviction.

“When I was in ‘Six Feet Under’ I was aware that I was a heterosexual man playing a gay role that was unique in the TV landscape,” he continues. “I was also aware that given the way things are and maybe still are to a degree that not many gay actors were pursuing the role. It would expose them in a way. That irony wasn’t lost on me.”

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