Mike Tindall was voted off ‘I’m a Celebrity’ before the final, how tacky


Mike Tindall was voted off the British reality show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! He’d been on the show for about a month, despite the fact that he groped and assaulted a young production assistant in Australia. As in, he wasn’t kicked out for his loutish and predatory bloke behavior. He was kicked off the show because he was just boring and gross in general, it seems. He didn’t make it to the final three contestants, who are Jill Scott, Owen Warner and Matt Hancock. Tindall absolutely spent a lot of time on the show talking about the royals and what life is like in Buckingham Palace and generally trading in his royal-adjacency. Not a peep from the royal rota, how interesting. Anyway, Tindall has been reunited with Zara, and he seems fine, I guess.

Mike Tindall is enjoying his reunion with his wife Zara Tindall. The former Team England rugby star, 44, was eliminated from the competition show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! on Saturday and was finally reunited with his wife, 41, (niece to King Charles III) after spending weeks apart. Tindall shared a sweet snap of him and Zara, touching their heads together and smiling at each other at a hotel cafe after his elimination.

The intimate post echoes the emotional reunion he and his wife shared on the U.K. survival show’s reunion bridge. Tindall and Zara immediately embraced each other in a big hug after meeting halfway, and he could be heard telling her “I’ve missed you so much.”

After his elimination, Tindall told the hosts that he had a great time on the show and was satisfied with how far he made it, per The Mirror.

“I’m good,” he said. “It’s been a long time. I can feel my body was getting ready to go. I’m pretty comfortable with it.”

“It’s been a lot of laughs,” he added. “That is the best thing. You can get through anything when the humor is good.”

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Yeah, whatever. I think this was all pretty tacky. I’m a snob about these kinds of shows anyway, and I can’t believe that Tindall simply didn’t have better options? Why was he so willing to be so trashy and low-budget for such a relatively small amount of money, on what is a very lowbrow show? I guess he didn’t have better options. It’s not like he could get a nine-figure Netflix contract, I suppose. And it’s hilarious that after all of that, he didn’t even make it to the final. *sad clown noise*

— Mike Tindall (@miketindall13) November 26, 2022

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