New York Jets’ Kelvin Beachum Jr. Wants You To Vote: ‘We Fought For This Opportunity’

This week many states close their voter registration for the Nov. 6th midterms. Kelvin Beachum Jr. urges you not to miss your deadline and your chance to have a ‘voice.’

“No vote is too small,” believes New York Jets offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum Jr. to in an EXCLUSIVE interview. Voting is “an opportunity for people to have a voice. We should realize that as a democracy we all have our opportunity to put our hand into the pile and produce change. Our ancestors fought hard to have the opportunity to vote, to produce the change we want. As a society we need to utilize the opportunity to vote.”

Kelvin, 29, who grew up in Mexia, Texas has has been a committed voter since he was 18 years old. “My mother — who was on the school board for a number of years — made sure that I was able and ready to vote. So did my dad, who was on the city council at the time. They were adamant.”

Now, Kelvin is so committed to voting that he will be sending in an absentee ballot, to be able to vote in his home state of Texas. However, Kelvin is particularly concerned that America’s millennials like himself, won’t exercise their voting rights in the midterms. “A lot of them aren’t even registered to vote. I hate to say this but I think people are going too fast. Life is going on and they don’t think it’s important. But what’s crazy is when all they want to do is talk about… well, the government is doing this or my congressman is doing that, when we have the opportunity to put that particular public servant in or out of office,” he tells “It’s crazy that my generation complains so much but is not willing to go out and put pencil to paper and actually vote for who they think is the best candidate.” The New York Jets star is adamant that just complaining about political situations is a waste of time, if you don’t vote.

“We talk about it on the football field quite a bit. Don’t just talk about it, “be” about it. And the way to be about it , is to go out and vote.” Beachum also stresses to young people that they shouldn’t just vote for their congress people and for the president, but that it’s critical to cast their ballots in all the local elections. “I look at every seat that is up for grabs in my little county and hometown — it’s judges, attorneys, commissioners, and the school boards,” he explains.

“You can’t just think about everything at the presidential level. You have to think about what’s going on in your region. I really care about the local and state oriented officials that are running for office because those are people that affect my family’s day to day life.”

Now, if you’ve ever wondered what NFL players talk in the locker room, you may be surprised. The upcoming midterm election on Nov. 6th is a big topic, according to Kelvin. “We see what’s going on around us, we see what’s in the news. Because we play football doesn’t mean we’re unconnected to the world around us.”

Well, Beachum certainly is very connected. Now, if you, like him are a Texas voter, tomorrow, Oct. 9th is your last chance to register for the midterms. You can actually register right now below, in our embedded Rock The Vote module or go to Michelle Obama’s new organization, When We All Vote, to register. If you need to see the registering deadlines for your state, go to our post here, which gives you all that info.

Do it now! Like Kelvin says — complaining does nothing. Voting is your chance to produce change!

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