Nick Knowles fans baffled to learn he wrote film starring Simon Callow and Una Stubbs

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Nick Knowles, 59, has left his followers stunned after he was congratulated by a social media user on a film he wrote. It comes as the DIY SOS host, 59, responded to a fan’s comment on his profile, which left his followers in disbelief after he confirmed he wrote 2016 film The Golden Years, which features the likes of Bernard Hill, Simon Callow and Una Stubbs.

The BBC star made the reveal in view of his 169,800 followers.

Nick wrote a post in response to Twitter user, @Beetleannie69, who after having watched the film, told the star: “Just watched ‘Golden Years’. Outstanding. Well done you and the writing team.”

The star replied: “Thanks – I love how people react to the film what I wrote,” alongside a series of laughing faces.

The Twitter user replied: “If you’re not careful, people will start using phrases like ‘multi talented’ and ‘national treasure’”.

Responding to the post, Nick wrote: “TBH most people don’t know I wrote a movie. (sic)

“Or that it was in the cinemas or that it won awards around the world or that it has a great cast.

“And most who watch it don’t notice I wrote it,” he admitted.

Nick went on: “I don’t think they’ll be calling me those things any time soon.

“Other things maybe,” he ended his post.

Fans of the DIY SOS star were quick to take to the comments to share their thoughts on the matter.

“Brilliant film. If we’ve had a bad day or a stressed out day it’s what we watch to chill out so we’ve watched it hundreds of times.Thanks,” wrote @RonnieG651.

@Dadllfixit said: “Must have missed that one. Cracking cast so will need to give it a watch sometime as it looks to be on Prime.”

@UzesGooner penned curiously: “What movie was it Nick? Genuinely interested.”


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@Deb9902 wrote: “I know. I watched it. With the family. I told them it was you & their response?

“‘What, that Nick Knowles?’ Fame at last.”

When asked what the film was, Nick responded, saying it was “The Golden Years” which was released in 2016.

The film follows two OAPs who rob a bank in a getaway car which is towing a caravan.

It boasts a who’s who of British acting talent including Simon Callow, Una Stubbs, Phil Davies, Alun Armstrong and Bernard Hill.

Nick recently presented the popular BBC series DIY SOS: The Big Build..

It saw him with a group of volunteers working to ensure the youngsters could enjoy a communal place to run around carefree.

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