Nicki Minaj rants at Joe Budden before revealing wedding date in fiery exchange

Nicki Minaj had a fiery exchange with guest Joe Budden on her Queen radio show, before ejecting him from the studio and speaking about her wedding plans.

Minaj was marking her first anniversary at the helm of her popular internet radio programme, when she got embroiled in an argument with rapper Budden.

The pair clashed after Budden spoke out about Minaj's alleged drug use and the details behind her latest single.

They have a history of unpleasantness and it wasn't long before old feelings surfaced and they began arguing on air.

Budden suggested that Minaj may have been taking drugs during the production of her collaboration with Megan Three Stallion, entitled Hot Girl Summer.

The track was released last week and Budden attacked the fact an Instagram Live had been published with Minaj's collaborator.

Appearing alongside his The Joe Budden Podcast co-hosts Rory and Mal, Budden said the live broadcast was set up to increase anticipation around the song.

He said: "I think that the music industry is calculated."

The discussion then shifted to Minaj's album, Queen, released a year ago.

Budden then suggested Minaj may have been taking drugs during its production, provoking a furious response.

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