Noah Centineo Freaked Out After Being Stalked by a Group of Obsessed Fans

The ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ actor recalls being spooked after running into a group of obsessed fans who tracked his flight to meet him at airport.

AceShowbizNoah Centineo freaked out when a group of mega-fans tracked his flight to meet him at the airport.

The actor has recalled how not long after the release of his 2018 Netflix rom-com “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” – in which he portrayed heartthrob Peter Kavinsky – he was accosted by three girls and a male at JFK Airport in New York.

“It scared the s**t out of me!” he told GQ Magazine.

When he asked where they were heading, one of the fans told him, “Oh, no, we didn’t fly. We came here for you.”

Fortunately, the “Perfect Date” star’s driver is used to crazy fans trying to follow his clients.

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“He goes, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve driven Angelina Jolie. I know how to do this.’ I got lucky,” he laughed.

Despite being startled by the incident at the time, he has got to know the gang and even hugs them whenever he sees them.

“We’re all good. I hug them when I see them,” Noah added.

The screen star previously admitted he’s “thankful” to be able to go out in public and not “cause a riot” around him.

“I can go out in public. I can go to Starbucks,” he said last year. “I go to coffee places. I don’t think it quite has translated to the point of like if Michael B. Jordan goes out in public; I think he would cause a riot. It’s not quite there yet with me, which I’m thankful for.”

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