‘Not going to do it anymore’ Phillip Schofield’s awkward moment with Christine Lampard

Phillip Schofield's cheeky jibe as he films glam Holly Willoughby

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Phillip Schofield, 59, has looked back on the skating dance routine he performed with former co-host Christine Lampard, 42.  The Dancing On Ice host said he was “persuaded” to do the routine but that he would not do it again.

Phillip explained how he and Christine practised for the nerve-racking moment and that he initially thought they were “incredible”.

He told Daily Star: “I’m not going to do it anymore.

“I’ve had my moment on the ice.”

“When Holly was having babies, I did the show with Christine [Lampard].

“Christine and I were persuaded to do a routine on the ice.”

Phillip went on: “We practised, and practised and practised.

“I thought we were incredible, we went out and I could feel the wind whistling through my hair through the routine and I thought, ‘This is amazing.’”

However, it was when he looked back on his performance that Phillip realised that he had his final “moment” on ice.

He continued: “I watched it back and I had never seen anyone go so slowly.

“And I thought, ‘Okay that felt better than it looked, I think I’m not going to do it anymore.’

“So, I’ve had my moment on the ice.”

Phillip recently admitted that Dancing On Ice bosses have “banned” him from hitting the rink.

He said they were worried he might hurt himself while attempting to ice skate.

It followed a close call back when the show began 15 years ago.

He told The Sun: “So I had a go, then I looked up and there were five suits standing on the lectern and I thought, ‘That doesn’t look good.’

“They said, ‘You are not insured, you can’t skate, you have to come off.’

“I thought if I take responsibility for myself, it’s nobody’s fault if I fall over and hurt myself.”

But that did not prevent the popular This Morning star from getting a scolding.

Phillip added: “So the next week, I went out again and got into proper, proper trouble.

“So that was the end of my skating.”

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