Oh no, Prince Andrew might not be included in next year’s Platinum Jubilee

In all of the conversations about Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee next year, the biggest speculation and gossip has always been about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As soon as jubilee planning began this spring, it’s almost exclusively been about Harry and Meghan – whether they’ll attend, whether they’ll bring the kids and whether William will be predictably incandescent with rage. But there has been lowkey speculation that Prince Andrew was planning to actually take part in the jubilee sh-t, from the balcony wave to the church visit and everything else. Except it looks like Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit and court case will extend into spring and summer 2022. LOL.

Prince Andrew will be pulled from all next year’s Platinum Jubilee events after a US court scheduled his bombshell sex abuse case to clash with the celebrations, according to reports. The Duke of York, who has stepped down from royal duties amid Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre’s astonishing lawsuit, will reportedly not even appear with the sovereign and other royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony for an RAF flypast.

An insider told The Sun that the plan is for Andrew, 61, to be ‘invisible’ during the four-day national royal party to mark what will be his mother the Queen’s 70th year on the throne between Thursday, June 2 and Sunday, June 5 next year.

Judge Lewis Kaplan has ruled, with the agreement of both parties, that disclosure, which includes Andrew testifying under oath, should be completed by July 14 – just five weeks after the jubilee. Documents lodged in New York also state that a pre-trial order is finished by July 28 next year. Lawyers will reveal Andrew’s response to the sex allegations on Friday ahead of a pre-trial review in New York next week.

Jubilee organisers are also reportedly trying to establish what to do with Harry and Meghan during the Platinum Jubilee events, which will include street parties, a live televised gig and lighting of beacons across the UK.

Royal expert Nigel Cawthorne, author of Prince Andrew: Epstein, Maxwell And The Palace, told the newspaper: ‘It is very sensible otherwise the attention would all be on Andrew. It is an embarrassing situation for the Queen especially as she is stumping up for his defence. He just has to keep his head down.’

[From The Daily Mail]

A thought occurred to me recently and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head ever since: do you think the royals and their aides plan things so far in advance because everyone within the institution is a lazy, incompetent idiot who needs one year in advance to plan out sh-t like “waving from a balcony”? It’s really striking how much of “monarchy” is just bureaucracy for bureaucracy’s sake. These people wouldn’t know what to do if they weren’t idly speculating on how things will look eight months from now and having endless meetings discussing hypotheticals for whether a rapist prince should be front-and-center on a balcony.

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