Olivia de Havilland Is Taking Her "Feud" Fight Against Ryan Murphy To The Supreme Court

102-year-old Olivia de Havilland is Not The One, as Ryan Murphy has painfully come to find out. Olivia is not giving up her long fight against Ryan for what she claims is his totally bogus impersonation of her in Feud: Bette and Joan. Even though the California Supreme Court decided not to review her case against Ryan last July, Olivia is continuing to Vaseline up her knuckles and is not backing down in her protection of her pristine Hollywood image. Olivia and her legal team are taking her case to The Highest Court Of The Land.

Deadline reports that Olivia is a truth and justice seeker who is acting on principal.

“We must persevere and speak truth to power,” the 102-year-old two-time Oscar winner said Friday as her attorneys petitioned SCOTUS in the ongoing legal battle. “The fight is itself important to the principle of honesty, so much in need today in the face of deliberate public confusion for selfish agendas,” she added in a statement from her Paris home (read it in full here).

“Are reckless or knowing false statements about a living public figure, published in docudrama format, entitled to absolute First Amendment protection from claims based on the victim’s statutory and common law causes of action for defamation and right of publicity, so as to justify dismissal at the pleading stage?” asks the petition filed today (read it here).

Olivia in particular took major offense to the language that Ryan asserts came out of her mouth in the script, claiming that she is a classy pinkies out kind of lady and “That kind of vulgarity is not language that I use.” Probably the fact that the words she was presumed to have said came out of her mouth as portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones is also a bone of contention, though there is no specific mention of that in the case.

With the recent confirmation of Brett “I Love Beer” Kavanaugh to SCOTUS, Olivia probably saw this as her big opportunity to actually win this circus of a case. It’s a free for all in DC theses days, so what could be better timing for an 102 Memaw to bring a suit against a Hollywood mogul who thinks that anyone should be grateful to be parodied by him on television? This may be a case in which Ruth “The Notorious RBG” Bader Ginsburg may be the deciding vote. RGB was probably there on opening night of “Gone With The Wind” in 1940, so it stands to wonder of she was Team Scarlett or Team Melanie, which could have everything to do with the outcome of this case.

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