Omari Hardwick salary: How much was Ghost St Patrick star Omari Hardwick paid for Power?

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Power may have concluded in a spectacularly tragic manner with anti-hero James “Ghost” St Patrick’s (played by Omari Hardwick) untimely death but the Starz franchise lives on. Despite lead actor Hardwick now departing the series, fans want to know more about the star including how much he earned for his part in the series. looks at what Hardwick’s salary may have been for Power.

How much was Ghost St Patrick star Omari Hardwick paid for Power?

Hardwick was the main character in Power for a total of six seasons from 2014 until 2020.

Details of Hardwick’s Power salary don’t appear to be available, however, according to Celebrity Net Worth the actor has an accumulated wealth of £3.8 million ($5,000,000).

A television actor’s salary is dependent on a number of factors, such as their profile when they landed the part, their prominence in the show and how many episodes they appear in, and the broadcaster airing the show.

For instance, streaming giants like Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and others will have bigger budgets to pay their cast and crew compared to traditional networks and channels such as the BBC or The CW.

Starz is an American cable channel which is not free to watch in the USA and requires a subscription, this means the broadcaster may potentially have had a bigger budget compared to the likes of ABC, NBC and CBS which can be viewed without an additional cost.

Salaries are negotiated by the actor’s agents rather than the star themselves, who will be looking to get the best deal for their client.

A 2018 report from Variety looked at the salaries of actors within the television industry and how they varied.

Streaming platforms can pay its lead stars up to an estimated £744,000 ($1 million) for a show with Javier Bardem reported to be paid an estimated £893,000 ($1.2 million) by Amazon, while Reese Witherspoon is thought to have been given a similar pay cheque by Apple TV for The Morning Show.

The article went on to suggest cast members on cable TV channels – which would include Starz – can earn less with Showtime paying Benicio Del Toro around £297,000 ($400,000) and Patricia Arquette taking home £148,000 ($200,000) for Escape At Dannemora.

However, Hardwick may have earned less than this as he would have been less well-known at the time, he landed the part of Ghost compared to the likes of Del Toro and Arquette.

An article from The Hollywood Reporter in 2014 said TV stars can pocket between an estimated £144,000 to £762,000 ($150,000 to $1,000,000) per episode for a show.

So, Hardwick may have been making a salary somewhere in this ballpark with his pay packet going up as the show grew in popularity.

Before starring in Power, Hardwick’s credits had included Dark Blue and Being Mary Jane.

So, while he was known on the acting scene, he wasn’t a big figure and necessarily well-known to audiences which may have impacted on how much he was originally paid for Power.

Interestingly, The Blast reported in 2018 how Tariq St Patrick actor Michael Rainey Jr – who plays Hardwick’s onscreen son – was making an estimated £14,900 ($20,000) for each episode of Power in season one.

Rainey Jr went on to get a pay rise two years ago, earning an estimated £33,700 ($45,000) for every episode.

Since becoming the lead in Power Book II: Ghost, Rainey Jr is likely to see his own salary going up.

Going by these figures, Hardwick is likely to have been making more as the lead of Power compared to Rainey Jr who was a recurring and supporting cast member at this point.

Since starring in Power, Hardwick is likely to be commanding much bigger salaries for projects given his star status.

He is going to be appearing in D Is for Detroit, Army of the Dead and Die Enormous, according to listings on IMDb.

Interestingly, Hardwick nearly turned down the role of gangster Ghost before deciding to go for it with the show truly putting him on the map.

Power Book II: Ghost will be returning to Starz and Starzplay via Amazon Prime Video on December 6

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