Orlando Brown Checking Into Rehab After Friends Stage Intervention

Orlando Brown is finally getting help. 

According to TMZ, the That’s So Raven star’s friends staged an intervention to convince Brown to check into rehab after months of trouble with the law. Back in August, Vegas restaurant owner Danny Boy contacted Hollywood producers Wendy Wheaton and Tommy Red in hopes of hooking up Brown with a treatment facility.

But the plan to get Brown in rehab was put on hold in early September after the actor broke into Danny’s restaurant, then went MIA. Weeks later, he was seen at a San Fernando Valley hotel where cops were called after he caused a scene.

After letting him cool off for a few days, friends held the intervention put together by Tommy and Wendy’s group, yoursecretangels.org. Following the intervention, Brown agreed to enter a treatment facility for mental health and substance abuse issues.

We’re so glad the actor is seeking aid. Based on what friends and family have been saying over the past few months, he really needs it.

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