People in Naples, Florida are just going maskless all the time now?

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As of this writing, about 100 million coronavirus vaccine doses have been administered worldwide. That’s a lot, and there’s reason to be happy about that fact alone. But then you have to understand how many people are in the world, and how many people are left to be vaccinated. President Biden has promised for a massive vaccination ramp up throughout the late winter and spring, and there’s every hope that by June/July, America will be in a pretty good place, vaccination-wise. But…we’re not there yet. Not even close. We’re still very far from normal and all of the vaccination talk has combined with the regular old “I won’t wear a mask because muh freedum” thing and that’s how we get these shocking scenes out of – where else – Florida.

The fact that the grocery store cashiers aren’t wearing masks… my God. Every grocery store I go into in Virginia has those plastic partitions between cashiers and customers, and every cashier is masked, and it’s the law that every customer needs a mask too. My area isn’t as rednecky as CB’s area, and I don’t see as many maskless people out and about in stores anymore. People follow the mask mandate around here, but we have a great Democratic governor who has taken this seriously from the very start. Florida has MAGA clown Ron DeSantis as its governor and it f–king shows.

There are some people saying that these people, the cashiers and the customers, should all be denied the vaccine. I mean… I actually agree with that in principle, I just don’t know how any of it would be or could be enforced.

— Sam Brock (@SamBrockNBC) February 3, 2021

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