People Slam Ashley Graham for Looking Slimmer on Instagram- Read the Comments

AceShowbiz – People are indeed hard to please and will always find a way to attack each other. Ashley Graham is one the recent victims of online shaming as some Instagram users decided to slam the curvy model for looking smaller in a recent Instagram pic.

Donning a colorful knit dress by Prabal Gurung, the 30-year-old model looked stunning while attending Vogue Magazine’s Force of Fashion summit in New York City on Thursday, October 11. The dress hugged her curves perfectly that she shared a picture of her look from the event.

However, instead of praises, Ashley was met with criticism from fans who accused her of losing too much weight. “You look stunning but I’m afraid that being plus sized is never going to be socially accepted when the woman who practically founded it in the first place continues to lose weight or photoshop,” a fan wrote in the comment section.

Another comment read, “she isn’t plus size anymore in this picture she looks super skinny only like a curvy girl, but not a plus size.” Meanwhile, one other added, “Too skinny. Don’t represent me anymore.”

People also questioned her status as a plus size model as they commented, “R u still a plus size model?” Another fan wrote, “So she finally decided to join the main stream and wanna become thin. Isn’t she proud of her plus size anymore?”

Ashley previously opened up about how she’s had enough negative comments about her curvy frame. “I’m tired of people picking apart my body and telling me I’m not big enough, or telling me that I’m too big, I’m not healthy or I’m trying to lose weight,” She said during her appearance on “Good Morning America” earlier this month.

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