Peter Kraus Gushes Over Becca & Garrett’s ‘Cute’ Romance: ‘They’re Really Good Together’

Bachelor Nation heartthrob, Peter Kraus, spilled the deets to HollywoodLife about his family friend, ‘Bachelorette’ Becca Koof & her ‘cute’ romance with fiancé Garrett Yrigoyen!

Peter Kraus may not have found love as a Bachelorette suitor, but his family friend, Becca Kufrin sure did on her season as the Bachelorette! In an EXCLUSIVE interview with while promoting the botanical skincare brand Kamedis, Peter revealed that his longtime friend Becca is “doing really well” and “loving life” post-engagement to Garrett Yrigoyen! “I’ve met Garrett a couple of times now and he’s hilarious,” Peter explained. “They’re really good together. They actually crack me up together. They’re like that little old couple that bicker back and forth but then like kiss it off.”

Peter continued to discuss the bond that everyone in Bachelor Nation shares, saying, “You develop a very strong relationship and a very strong bond on that show because you’re with each other so much [on the show]. You have a very unique experience that nobody else will truly ever understand unless they go through it.” Peter isn’t as stationary in LA or New York City, as most of the Bachelor alum are. He is currently traveling across the country, going from city to city with his Peter Kraus Fitness boot camps.

“My workouts are all geared around functional fitness, things that everybody can do. It’s all levels. You start with a squat, you can’t do a squat, you do a hold, you can’t do the hold, you just jog in place. There’s always variations of the workout that people can try something different,” he explained of his workout program. The Wisconsin-native has also been working with several brands, including the skincare company Kamedis, which he uses to help achieve his glowing complexion!

“I’ve always had an issue with my skin and modeled for a very long time. I always felt very insecure in my skin because of little breakouts here and there. I feel like it held me back from being confident in front of the camera,” Peter explained. After trying several different products to clear up his breakouts, he found the plant-based Kamedis and was sold!! “Kamedis is just like the foods that I eat — it’s very clean. I know what all the ingredients are. I know they come directly from plant sources. I feel good putting it on my skin versus not understanding what some long word is,” he said.

Make sure to follow Peter on IG, for not only his skincare routine with Kamedis, but also to find out if his bootcamps are coming to a city near you!

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