Piers Morgan: GMB host confirms suspicions he ‘plays up’ to ‘persona’ on ITV show

Piers Morgan and Susanna say they’re ‘privileged’ to host GMB

Piers Morgan, 55, has built up an infamous reputation for being controversial and sometimes it exceeds him when it comes to his peers and interviewees, as he’s known for asking the tough questions. Some may believe that’s just who he is as a person, but there have been others who wonder if it’s all an act.

There’s a persona that I certainly play up to

Piers Morgan

In a recent interview, the ITV star confirmed suspicions that he “plays up to” a “persona” with his behaviour, deliberately setting out to be “divisive and polarising” on-air.

Speaking to The Mid Point podcast host Gabby Logan, he said: “There’s a persona that I certainly play up to.

“I think all television is performance, in a way. I certainly think there’s a sort of theatrical element to it as well.

“I certainly play up to that.”

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It’s not in his nature to be a people pleaser, and it’s certainly not something he’s interested in becoming down the line.

“I don’t chase around trying to be beloved, it would be a fairly lonely journey if I did,” he explained.

“So, I prefer to be divisive and polarising, and get everybody going and wake everybody up in the morning.”

Since joining the flagship new show in 2015, Piers has sparked numerous debates about his remarks on-air, culminating in petitions to have him axed from the show altogether.

On multiple occasions last year, his blase attitude and comments caused issues, as media watchdog Ofcom was inundated with complaints from unhappy viewers.

Some of his most complained about moments of 2020 included being accused of racism toward Chinese people, bullying, picking a fight with a London aquarium for raising a gender neutral penguin and his numerous heated debates with government ministers after the 201 GMB boycott had ended.

It doesn’t seem like there’s a day that goes by that Piers isn’t criticised online for something he’s said on the show.

Recently, he was hit with much backlash following his remarks on runners during the pandemic.

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He came under fire on Twitter, after revealing he believes runners should be taking specific steps to help make others feel safer outside, branding them “unbelievably selfish” as they “spit” all over everyone when running down busy streets.

“I’d like people to stop running on busy streets and breathing heavily,” Piers shrugged.

Susanna added: “And spitting!” to which her outspoken co-star continued: “All over everyone they run past.

“I just think it’s unbelievably selfish. It’s like, ‘Go and run in a park, they’re all open.’”

Susanna chipped in to note: “Parks are very busy though…”

Piers carried on: “Just stop running down the high street blustering over people, I just think it’s ridiculous.”

But away from the bright lights of the studio his “persona” changes completely, as he explained: “When I do get home and shut the door I’m like everybody else, and I get a nice bottle of wine out, have a chat with the kids, talk to my mum and dad, watch a bit of telly.

“I’m a sea of serenity.”

GMB continues weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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