Queen Elizabeth Once Hid in a Bush at Buckingham Palace to Avoid a Controversial Guest

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"The Queen puts up with many different people, but Ceaușescu was too much for her,” former British Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen adds in the documentary. "She made it quite plain she didn't like that visit!"

It's not just Ceaușescu who caused the Queen problems during a state occasion. Five years earlier, the visit of President Mobutu of Zaire also strained her diplomatic skills when it emerged that his wife Marie-Antoinette had smuggled her pet dog through customs for the visit.

“President Mobutu of Zaire was definitely a low point," adds Hardman. "The Queen was very unhappy about that."

U.S. President Carter, who visited Buckingham Palace during an economic summit in May 1977, also caused a stir during his trip.

Midway through meeting the royals, Carter leaned over and kissed the Queen’s mother on the lips, prompting her into "taking an abrupt step back and saying that nobody had done that since her husband (George VI) died," adds historical novelist Sarah Gristwood in the documentary.

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