Queer Eye’s Tan France says Brits ‘don’t want to hear’ about racism in UK

Queer Eye's Tan France has sensationally revealed that British people are not interested in hearing about racism in the UK.

Tan, 40, who is now a fashion designer and has now relocated to America, spoke candidly about racism in the UK during a podcast interview with legendary presenter Louis Theroux.

The Netflix star, who resides in Salt Lake City with his husband Rob, claims that he realised after doing a documentary on racism and colourism, that the issues surrounding ethnic minorities tend to be overlooked.

Speaking on The Louis Theroux Podcast he said: "You know, I will say, that's the hard part of talking about life in the UK. The Brits don't want to hear it [racism]. They're not ready to hear it. It makes them really, really angry. And I think that speaks volumes, Louis."

He added:" I think that it's a real issue we have back home. And it's the reason why I'm so much happier here [Salt Lake City]. And that comment also gets a lot of negative reaction, a huge negative reaction saying, 'we've seen the racism on the news in America, you're telling us that it's worse than the UK?'."

He explained: "For me personally. yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. For the black community here in America, racism is disgusting, and it has impacted their lives so greatly. And in England, that might be the case also, but I don't know the black experience in the UK. I know the Asian experience."

Tan shot to fame in 2018 with Queer Eye where he starred in more than 40 episodes. And while he has achieved great success, it seems as though his voice is still not alway heard.

In his chat with the famous presenter, who has spent a large portion of his career doing hard hitting documentaries, Tan added:" I've got a lot of family and we all experienced the same thing."

Unlike Tan's life in a very accepting part of America, his family unfortunately still experience racism. He went on to say: "My family continues to experience the same thing. I left the UK 15 years ago. And I'm not saying that I hate the UK love the UK. And I love the majority of the people in the UK."

He firmly believes that the majority of people are "compassionate and aren't racist at all." But he adds: "But as we know, it's not those lovely people that are speaking up. It's the people who hate you who are going to tell you they hate you on the street, I'm so incredibly frustrated a lot of the time with, especially the press, not willing to believe or just believing that me and any other entertainers who speaks out about it in the US who has come from the UK, is an arrogant douche who's left the UK and now thinks we're better than them."

Tan says that since leaving the UK, he feels "galvanised and powerful."

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