Rachel Riley talks baby number three after ‘starting to get out of the woods’

Rachel Riley leads crowd to set new World Record

Rachel Riley has opened up on the busy life she has as a mum of two, and admitted she may not be up for having a third child.

The 37-year-old mum of two told Hello! magazine that, as she lacks unlimited nannies to assist her with parenting, she’s “happy” with her current family set-up.

“If I had all the help in the world and all the staff in the world to keep having babies…but I think we’re happy with two!” she clarified.

The Countdown star added that she and her family are “just starting to get out of the woods” and that the kids “can play together now”.

“They can be left together for a little bit, it’s starting to get a little bit easier. So I think we’re on that note,” Rachel concluded.

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Besides nurturing two youngsters, the TV star has also been busy hosting the largest ever synchronised goal celebration at BOXPARK Wembley, dancing away after England defeated Haiti at the Women’s World Cup.

Almost 45,000 fans were present to see the Lionesses take a win for Britain in Australia last week, while Rachel appeared at the Weetabix-sponsored home celebration, screening the event, to rev up the crowd.

The event was a break from the “repetitive” experience the Countdown star has admitted she often has with parenting.

She told the aforementioned publication: “It just feels like it’s constantly tidying up, feeding, and taking them to the park.”

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She added that she felt like a “bag lady” as she struggled to keep two toddlers happy while accompanying them on a recent solo day out.

The TV personality clutched “a pushchair, a scooter, a push bike and a cycling bike” for the occasion, while she added that her twosome’s voracious appetites meant she also had to turn back to feed them.

In Rachel’s world, a simple trip that would take ten minutes under normal circumstances can take an hour when armed with her two kids.

However, her eldest, three-year-old daughter Maven, is already making her smile by demanding Maths videos from YouTube, suggesting that she could follow in her maths whizz mum’s footsteps.

Rachel, who has affectionately spoken on how their sweet “little personalities” have been emerging, also mentioned that Maven has been learning to competently ride a bike.

The proud mum wouldn’t change a thing, despite the effect that parenting can have on her relationship with her partner.

She revealed in a recent interview with The Sun that making time for each other is key to keeping things running smoothly, explaining: “It’s nice to have date nights, especially as we can be ships that pass in the night [and we] have kids as well.”

Rachel also joked of the “mum rage” that can crop up when she finds herself unable to do “seven things at once”, but she is still enjoying the toddler phase while it lasts.

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