Rob Lowe Shares How His Determination Helps Him to Stay Sober

In a revealing new interview, the 56-year-old ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ actor recalls his struggle with substance abuse when he was 18 years old as he filmed ‘The Outsiders’.

AceShowbizRob Lowe has opened up about his sobriety. The “9-1-1: Lone Star” actor, who struggled with substance abuse since the age of 18, shared in a new interview about how his determination has helped him to stay sober.

When speaking to Willie Geist on “Sunday Sitdown” for “Today“, the 56-year-old star first reflected on his past battle with addiction when filming “The Outsiders“. He shared, “Nobody’s going to do a pity party or have a telethon for all those suffering 18-year-old movie stars.”

Rob additionally claimed that in every decade, there will always be rising stars who endure similar struggles as he mentioned Justin Bieber. He then pointed out, “And there aren’t that many people who go through it, and you either come out on the other side of it way, way, way better, or way, way, way worse, I think.”

When asked about what saved his life, “The Grinder” alum credited “recovery, sobriety and therapy.” He also mentioned that determination is also one of the crucial factors, stating, “you have to want to do it.”

“I do a lot of work with adolescents who are struggling with drugs and alcohol and their parents. And that’s the thing I always tell them is that, unfortunately, no one can get healthy for their job or for their relationship or because of their court case, or because of Mom or Dad or a sister or brother,” he went on to share. “They can only do it when they want to do it.”

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“It’s really simple and it can be very demoralizing, but it’s not going to happen,” he continued. “So I wanted to do it. I was done, I was ready, I did it and got into recovery. And recovery really does work for people who work it.”

Rob has been sober since 1990. Back in May 2020, he celebrated his 30 years of sobriety. Posting a picture of himself on Instagram, he wrote, “30 years ago today, I found a sober life of true happiness and fulfillment. I am filled with gratitude on this anniversary.”

“From a treatment center in Arizona to a bomb shelter in Israel, I have come to know many extraordinary people, and the fellowship of recovery has changed my life and given me gifts beyond my selfish imaginings,” he added. “If you, or someone you love is struggling with any kind of addiction, there is hope! Love to you all.”

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