Roger Waters Blasts Presidential Candidate At Brazil Show

Roger Waters stirred up some controversy in Brazil after he publicly campaigned against the country’s Presidential candidate while on stage.

During his opening concert in Sao Paulo on Tuesday night, Waters added Presidential front runner Jair Bolsonaro‘s name to a list of “fascist” world leaders projected on a big screen behind the stage. U.S. President Donald Trump‘s name also was listed there.

Waters also displayed the #EleNao (Not Him) hashtag, used in protests against Bolsonaro, on the big screen. #EleNao is the slogan of a movement against the former army officer.

The far-right candidate is seen as the favorite to win the presidential runoff on October 28.

As Waters spoke about the upcoming elections and the importance of human rights and protests, the crowd of more than 40,000 at the Allianz Parque stadium split between cheers and boos, showing growing polarization in Brazilian politics.

The former Pink Floyd singer, who is a known political activist, is scheduled to perform seven more concerts in the country.

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