Royal twist! How Meghan Markle is helping Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Sussex’s recent absence from public life is allowing the Princess of Wales to flourish on the world stage, a royal expert claims.

Following reports that Meghan and her husband Prince Harry are “taking time apart”, she has been flying under the radar.

Her silence has shifted the spotlight on to Kate, who has been busy proving to the public just how dedicated she is about her role as partner to the heir to the throne, according to royal biographer Angela Levin.

“Meghan is often very quiet when she doesn’t want to be engaged with negative things – and lately she and Harry have reportedly been having a bit of a crisis, so we’ve heard very little from her,” Angela tells new.

“And all the time Meghan stays quiet, it allows Kate to really shine and let the public know that she’s there for them.”

Angela adds that “Kate possesses a lot of self-control and doesn’t really pay attention to what Meghan is doing.”

Nevertheless, she will be acutely aware that her sister-in-law’s current low profile ensures that there are no distractions from Meghan that may divert public interest away from her own charity work and campaigns.

Harry and Meghan have refrained from commenting on recent stories of marital issues and money woes. While this could be a move to help protect their brand after the collapse of their $20 million Spotify deal and the Emmy award snub for their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, their silence may have other repercussions.

Kate has been very visible in public over recent weeks, compared to Meghan’s no-show. And as a result, according to Angela, the public are showing favour towards Kate more than ever before, impressed by her loyalty to the royal family as King Charles grapples with the “top job”.

By contrast, inconspicuous Meghan and Harry, who stepped down as working royals in 2020, have seen their popularity wane among royal fans.

With the world’s eyes on her, Kate is apparently very aware of the pressure to get things right. She has recently represented the royals at a string of high profile events, including King Charles’s Scottish coronation in Edinburgh, the Wimbledon Championships, and a charity polo match in Windsor where she supported her husband.

There is also her work with The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood which shows she is not “all talk”, but takes action too. And with Meghan speaking out less on her own passion projects, Kate is not only having her voice heard, says Angela, but her continued devotion to the crown ensures she is regarded as a trusted spokesperson.

“Those close to the royals feel that Kate has not put one foot wrong since she joined the family. That’s a huge compliment to her,” Angela explains. “The fact that she knew William for 10 years before they married, means Kate always knew exactly what’s expected of her.

“This now allows Kate to focus on her duties without having to pay attention to rumours.”

In fact, a source claims that with Kate more prominent than ever, Meghan, who celebrates her 42nd birthday on Friday, will inevitably harbour concerns about what this could mean for her future.

“Kate is shining and Meghan is finding this really difficult on two fronts,” claims the source.

“Firstly, her career to date had seen her centre-stage. Secondly, Meghan is aware she could have had the life Kate does, but she turned it down.”

Meghan and Harry’s recent silence comes at an opportune moment for the Prince of Wales too. In September, William will head to New York to attend the second annual Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit. He launched the initiative in 2020 to help combat climate change and is planning to address the finalists at the summit.

Angela believes it is likely that his wife will accompany him. Kate understands just how important it is to support the heir to the throne and the fact that the pair will hopefully be able to undertake their Big Apple visit without being overshadowed by family drama provided by the Sussexes will be the cherry on the cake.

It is interesting that William and Kate will be wielding their own influence in America at a time when Harry and Meghan have been “trying to gain political influence” – although their attempts have not always gone to plan.

It has been reported that the Sussexes’ request to use President Joe Biden’s Air Force One plane following the late Queen’s funeral was denied.

The White House expressed concerns that allowing such a move could cause a “commotion” and harm relations with the King.

“Meghan didn’t accompany Harry at the coronation and that really drew attention away from the occasion itself,” says Angela.

“She appears to have a need to do or say things that help her stay relevant, but a lot of people now don’t want to know – both in the UK and US.”

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