Runaway June’s Natalie Stovall Reveals Positive Covid Test Over The Holidays

Runaway June vocalist Natalie Stovall has revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19 in early December and recently recovered.

In an Instagram post featuring a selfie, the country music star said that she had a “Covid Christmas.”

Stovall said it was a mild case, adding, “Just achy, exhausted, and SO STRANGE not to taste or smell.”

The former frontwoman of Natalie Stovall and the Drive added that she was cleared by Vanderbilt and is “immune/ not contagious for at least 90 days.” She considers it as a “silver lining”.

“I know so many people hurting and affected by this awful disease. James and I are definitely counting our blessings,” she said, referring to her husband James Bavendam. She concluded the post by saying that she is getting back to normalcy ASAP.

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