San Diego Padres Fan Makes Ridiculous 1-Hand Catch With Baby In Arm!

Forget Fernando Tatis … the best play of the Padres game Wednesday was made by a fan in the stands — with a woman making a ridiculous catch on a foul ball all while holding her baby!!!

The wild moment went down in the sixth inning of the Padres’ game against the Cubs in San Diego … when Chicago pinch hitter Jake Marisnick lifted a foul ball into the seats.

As the cowhide clanked around the stadium … it took a wicked hop into the lower deck — where SuperMom made an absurd play on the baseball!!

Check out the footage from Petco Park … she reached back with her right hand to make the stab — not even once putting her baby in danger!!

Everyone at the park went crazy … and even the game’s announcers had to show some love, with one saying on-air, “That’s a nice grab.”

Baby fine, awesome memory AND a great souvenir? Great day at the ballpark to us!

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