Sarah Hyland got a booster shot: ‘stay healthy and trust science’

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Sarah Hyland from The Modern Family is no Nicki Minaj. Sarah has been advocating for vaccinations and sharing her vaccination journey. Sarah received her first shot back in March on Saint Patty’s Day. She posted a picture to Instagram to commemorate the milestone. Sarah got vaccinated as soon as she was able because she has had two kidney transplants and is on immunosuppressant drugs, putting her more at risk. Sarah recently shared that she’s received a booster shot. Below are a few more highlights via People. A video from Sarah’s Instagram stories is embedded below:

“Got my booster vaccine AND my flu shot!!!” the Modern Family alum, 30, posted on her Instagram Story, along with a video of the needle going in. “Stay healthy and trust SCIENCE my friends!”

Hyland is part of a portion of Americans who are now eligible for a third vaccine dose as an immunocompromised person. The actress has a chronic kidney condition called kidney dysplasia that makes her more susceptible to severe COVID-19 illness, and has required two kidney transplants.

The Wedding Year star got her first vaccine dose back in March — on St. Patrick’s Day — and celebrated with an Instagram post and photos of her band-aid.

“The luck of the Irish prevailed and HALLELUJAH! I AM FINALLY VACCINATED!!!!!” she wrote. “As a person with comorbidities and on immunosuppressants for life, I am so grateful to receive this vaccine.”

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I now follow Sarah Hyland on TikTok and it is all Celebitchy’s fault. I have loved Sarah in every show or movie I have seen her in. But, I didn’t know how fun and cool she is and I fell into her TikTok rabbit hole. I love how Sarah is being a mature advocate for people getting vaccinated. Especially now that we have so many idiots and celebrities spreading disinformation. I also like how Sarah showed how SHE got vaccinated as well. She is doing a public service. I am sad that Sarah is dealing with a chronic health condition. That must be frightening during a pandemic. I hope Sarah continues to fight disinformation by sharing her journey and I hope she stays well. In the meantime, I am going to go watch her TikTok videos and some episodes of Modern Family.

A post shared by Sarah Hyland (@sarahhyland)

A post shared by Sarah Hyland (@sarahhyland)

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