Scream Queen Jenna Ortega Takes On ‘The Exorcist’ In SNL Parody

Jenna Ortega is evidently a fan of the horror movie.

The star of the Scream franchise, whose latest sequel Scream VI came out this weekend, also starred in Ti West’s slasher film X, is well known for The Addams Family spinoff series Wednesday and is in talks to star in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2.

During her debut Saturday Night Live hosting stint, she also took on The Exorcist.

While Ortega may have been possessed, Ego Nwodim’s Mrs. Shaw was having none of it. As her parents, played by Chloe Fineman and Andrew Dismukes, stood by, Nwodim’s tired schoolteacher threatened to turn on the ceiling fan if she had to.

“You’re going to hell, you stupid whore,” Ortega’s devil voice shrieked.

However, Mrs. Shaw wasn’t fazed, as a third grader had called her a “used up skank” at school.

The situation was further helped by Kenan Thompson’s Mr. Shaw, who came down from his 9pm bedtime to take in the possessed.

This is not the first time that SNL has parodied William Friedkin’s classic 1971 film. Richard Pryor parodied the show during its first season as he was hosting including the classic line “Your mother sews socks that smell”.

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