See Princess Eugenie's Open-Back, Perfectly Tailored Wedding Dress from Every Exquisite Angle

Princess Eugenie turned to a brand she trusts and has worn many times before for her big day. The royal teamed with designers Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, who founded the British based label Peter Pilotto, in London in 2007.

She had several fittings, and according to a release from the Palace, the dress was “developed layer by layer, constructing it from the corset and the complex underskirt to the fitted bodice and full pleated skirt.” 


And yet another off-the-shoulder royal bridal moment! The dress features a neckline that folds around the shoulders and a low-back that drapes into a flowing ground-sweeping train.

While Princess Eugenie skipped a veil in favor of a emerald-embellished tiara from the Queen’s collection, she did follow the lead of royal brides before her with an amazing statement train.

The bride had some help fluffing her train as she hit the steps at St. George’s Cathedral.

According to a release from the Palace, the designers “undertook archive research into previous dresses worn by Members of the Royal Family and identified a silhouette,” when working on the custom design.

Eugenie had one special request for the dress: A low-back design that would reveral her scars from her scoliosis surgery at the age of 12.

The dress made a statement as Princess Eugenie made the 110 steps down the aisle at St. Geroge’s Chapel alongside her dad Prince Andrew.

Wedding goers can be seen marveling at her train as the Princess approached her groom at the end of the long aisle.

The fabric was designed Pilotto and Vos at their studio in East London and features symbols that are meaningful to Princess Eugenie.

According the Palace: “The symbols are a Thistle for Scotland acknowledging the couple’s fondness for Balmoral; a Shamrock for Ireland as a reflection of the Bride’s maternal family; the York Rose; and ivy representing the couple’s home.”

These motifs were woven into a jacquard of silk, cotton and viscose blend.


The groom Jack Brooksbank admired his bride’s gorgeous bridal look at various moments throught the ceremony.

The couple was all smiles as they left the church following their goregous ceremony.

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