Seth Rogen Recalls Being ‘Hit So Hard’ by Beyonce’s Security Before Presenting Grammy Award

When promoting his new memoir ‘Year Book’, the ‘Long Shot’ actor reveals the real reason why he has to stand with his arms in a ‘weird position’ while presenting an award on music’s biggest night.

AceShowbizSeth Rogen has an epic story to tell about his failed attempt at meeting Beyonce Knowles. In a candid new interview, the “Long Shot” actor spilled on the incident wherein he was “hit so hard” by the “Crazy in Love” hitmaker’s security guards right before presenting a Grammy award.

On Tuesday, May 11, the 39-year-old shared the hilarious moment during an interview on E! News’ Daily Pop. To host Justin Sylvester, he opened up, “I saw Beyonce at the Grammys with Gwyneth Paltrow actually and they were together.” He went on to blame his instinct for what he did next. “I charged over. Instinct took over. I was like, ‘I got to go say hi,’ ” he recalled.

Unfortunately for him, Beyonce’s team was quick to intervene. “I was hit so hard by her security guard that I spilled a drink,” the “Pineapple Express” actor remembered. He went on to admit, “I got what I deserved…I was humiliated and I didn’t get to meet Beyonce.”

To make matter worse, the incident caused Seth to spill his Screwdriver cocktail over his suit. Since it happened before he took the stage as a presenter, the “Steve Jobs” actor detailed, “And, so, I did have to present a Grammy while literally, like, holding my arms in, like, a very weird position.” At the time, he was at the event to introduce Eminem and Rihanna.

Seth offered more details about the embarrassing incident during an interview with “Good Morning America“. He recalled, “I went over with far too much confidence… and as I was walking over her security guard’s arm swung out like a bat and hit me so hard that I fell down and I spilled my Screwdriver all over myself.”

“At that moment a PA came up to me and said, ‘We need you on stage… right now’, and so I went out on stage with Screwdriver spilled all over me,” the “Superbad” star continued. Since he ruined his suit, he explained, “And that is why I’m standing with my arms in a weird position, because my stomach is covered in a horrible vodka and orange juice stain.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Seth also talked about his new memoir titled “Year Book”. Aside from including his failure at saying hi to Beyonce in the book, the husband of Lauren Miller unveiled that he also chronicled other behind-the-scenes stories that happened throughout his two-decade career in Hollywood.

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