Shane Richmond death: Who was Mitch Richmond’s son?

Mitch Richmond posts a statement about son’s death

In a statement from Richmond posted via Logan Murdock on Twitter, the former NBA star mentioned that his son’s death was “unexpected.” The NBA Hall of Famer and champion also said that everyone who knew his son is “heartbroken and devastated” by Shane’s passing. Here’s the official statement released by the Golden State Warriors.

— Logan Murdock (@loganmmurdock) October 8, 2019

Details about Shane Richmond & family

In December 2015, Juliannah posted a Christmas photo featuring family. The photo appears to show her and Mitch’s own kids along with Chris Mullin and Manute Bol’s kids.


The Sacramento Kings organization also issued a statement with regards to Shane’s passing. In part of their statement, they said “Shane will be remembered as a wonderful son, brother, and friend.”

— James Ham (@James_HamNBCS) October 9, 2019

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