Shaquille O’Neal’s Mystery Companion on Recent Outing Speaks Out on Dating Rumors

The woman, who was with the former NBA star and he reportedly referenced as his ‘date’ during a visit to Jue Lan Club, is revealed to be Kin Essentials CEO Dr. Jaime Johnston.

AceShowbizShaquille O’Neal was recently caught in dating rumors after he was spotted with a mystery woman during what looked like a dinner date. Now, his companion has spoken up to clarify the swirling reports.

The woman who was with the former professional basketball player is revealed to be Kin Essentials CEO Dr. Jaime Johnston, according to Page Six. During their outing, Shaq referred to her as his “date,” but she insists, “It was not a date.” She stresses, “It was a business meeting, and lastly, I don’t engage in gossip stories.”

The site also mentions that they received several cheeky text messages from a random number with photos of Shaq posing with various women, including a ’90s throwback pic of him and supermodel Cindy Crawford. “More mystery dates for you to write articles about, silly man,” the message read, but a call to the number “could not be completed as dialed” and their return texts went unanswered, prompting the outlet to question if Shaq was behind it.

Shaq and Jaime visited Jue Lan Club on Sunday, June 12. They arrived at the Chelsea hotspot at around 8:30 P.M. and enjoyed Beijing chicken, shrimp tempura and the eatery’s signature chicken satay. An insider told the outlet, “She did all the ordering.”

The former athlete appeared to be in good mood that night as he paid bills for all visitors before leaving with his female companion. “And to top that off, he paid for everyone’s check [who was] dining at the restaurant,” the source added.

The 50-year-old, however, wanted to keep his good deed a secret from fellow visitors as he told the staff not to mention he was paying the bill for more than 40 tables until he left the spot. “It was 40 tables and [the bill] was in excess of $25,000. He was in a great mood and was taking pictures with everyone. She was more lowkey. She didn’t really want to be noticed,” the source divulged.

In addition to paying “over $25,000” in checks for the diners, Shaq tipped the restaurant’s staff. “He left them the biggest tip they’ve ever received,” according to the informant, who also said that “they came by themselves, and they left by themselves.”

Jaime appeared to be teasing about her dinner with Shaq as she posted a picture of herself at the restaurant on Instagram. “his favorite view,” she wrote with a heart emoji without mentioning the sports analyst.

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