‘Shut the f**k up!’ Denise Welch unleashes rage at Jeremy Vine Show over rationing debate

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Loose Women panellist Denise Welch, 63, has hit out at a Jeremy Vine Show poll that asked Twitter users whether the UK should reinstate rationing to curb the rising cost of living. The show’s official account tweeted on Tuesday: “The cost-of-living crisis has spiralled out of control.

“Even the price of milk is set to double, and butter could exceed £2.

“Do we need to start restricting what we can buy on our shelves?”

Denise had a very strong reaction to the suggestion and raged in view of her 521,000 followers.

She wrote: “You guys need to have a serious talk with yourselves!!!

“[Shut the f**k up] please!!!!”

Many of her followers also took to the comments to slam the idea that the country needed to reintroduce rationing.

Stavros questioned: “I’m confused, isn’t rationing when there is not enough food for everyone? Are we not in a place where there is enough food to go round but right now most can’t afford to buy it….so why ration? Or have I missed something?” (sic)

While Vickie echoed: “That’s just ridiculous. There is no lack of food, so rationing isn’t needed. Most of us will have to self-ration, because of costs, but it shouldn’t be enforced.”

And Tom said: “Maybe we should start teaching how to grow our own food in schools to make the next generation more self-sufficient and less reliant on supermarkets.”

Denise also hit out at the Jeremy Vine Show on Monday after its Twitter account asked whether we should bring back face masks.

It read: “One of the country’s top scientists has warned that the health service is under increasing pressure as Covid cases are rising.

“She says we should continue to wear masks to limit the spread of the virus. Do you agree?”

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Denise, who has previously been critical about face masks, retaliated: “Why? Because they have been so successful worldwide??!!

“Please just stop with these ridiculous polls.”

It comes after Denise fired back at a social media user last month when they asked if she was “still going on”.

The TV personality had grilled Health Secretary Sajid Javid about being unable to visit a close relative in the hospital because of Covid guidelines.

She tweeted the Conservative MP: “Please explain @sajidjavid that as MANY hospitals in the UK are STILL not allowing people to be with loved ones ‘because of Covid’ including my close relative, how we are offering desperate Ukrainians use of the NHS if the hospitals can’t even operate a visiting system???” (sic)

Her question infuriated a Twitter user named Laura, who wrote: “You still going on?”

The actress swiftly responded, saying: “Sorry Laura.

“I presume you haven’t got a frightened loved one alone in hospital at the moment???”

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