Sofia Carson Says It Was ‘Tremendously Difficult’ To Do ‘Descendants: The Royal Wedding’ Without Cameron Boyce

Sofia Carson is opening up about the upcoming Descendants: The Royal Wedding special!

The 27-year-old singer and actress will reprise her role as Evie in the animated special, along with most of her co-stars.

In a new interview with the Zach Sang Show, Sofia shared how hard it was, even though it’s just voice recording, to do it without her late co-star Cameron Boyce.

“I mean, you guys know how much I adore Descendants and Evie, she changed my life forever,” Sofia said. “This is an animation, like an animated special. There was an animated series for Descendants called Wicked World, and um, Disney wanted to do kind of one last chapter and it’s the wedding special.”

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“I don’t know how much I can spoil, but I know that that has been revealed, and you know, you can imagine it was tremendously difficult to do without Cam,” she continued. “But you know, the fans love this franchise so much, and I think they’re really excited about kind of seeing this special that they put together.”

When asked if there was a reason they did it as an animated special as opposed to live action, Sofia said, “I honestly couldn’t have imagined doing a live action without him… You have no idea [how hard it was]. Yeah, it was tough.”

“They don’t bring back his character but he is honored,” Sofia added. “It is touched on… Fans, ever since Descendants 3 have been asking for another chapter, and I think this felt like the right way to do it.”

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