Stephanie Davis ‘constantly looking over her shoulder’ after stalker fails to appear at court

Stephanie Davies has said that she’s "constantly looking over her shoulder” in the wake of her stalker, Alex Boston, failing to turn up at court.

Alex, 43, pleaded guilty to an offence of stalking involving serious alarm and distress between 2020 and 2021at Knowsley Magistrates Court last month, and has since beenissued an arrest warrantafter he didn’t turn up for sentencing on Wednesday 22 December.

At one stage, things got so bad thatthe actress felt the need to move homeas she no longer felt safe living where she was as Alex has been there uninvited on numerous occasions.

In light of him not turning up to court, Stephanie, 28, has expressed how nervous she’s feeling knowing her stalker hasn’t been sentenced.

She toldThe Mirror:“Of course after the horrendous year I’ve already had I was hoping that it would all be sorted after today. It’s left me feeling nervous and now constantly looking over my shoulder.

"I’m trying not to let it spoil Christmas with my son Caben but obviously that’s going to be hard now.”

Stephanie has previously shared haunting footage on social media ofAlex loitering around her house,before she made the decision to move.

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She captioned the clip: "My stalker. I've been quiet on social media for a long time and not as active as I use to be as this has been going on for nearly a year and I've had to stay quiet about it so it didn't affect the case.

"It's caused me so much distress, having to leave my home with Caben and move into my mums with no space for us with my routine changed and everything taken from me once again, my peace of mind, my sanity and my love for life."

As well as loitering around her home, Alex would also leave gifts on her doorstep.

Stephanie recalled to The Mirror: "I woke up and when I went to the front door there were presents, like a plant that said 'grow this to grow our love', like a love plant.

"He left a big bag of stuff that obviously he picked for me. What freaked me out was there was a little leopard print number – on reflection it makes me feel sick – as I thought he obviously looked at that, gone out and got it, and thought that it would look good on me. It was like a floaty, silky nightgown.”

It was following this that Stephanie began to suffer with panic attacks, and decided to have security cameras installed around her house.

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