Stop Freaking Out, The Ordinary Is Officially Here to Stay

Fans of crazy-affordable skincare products, rejoice; The Ordinary is here to stay. According to WWD, a Canadian judge ruled Friday morning to oust controversial Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe, who announced on Monday that he was shutting down the company immediately.  

Instead of the brand disappearing as Truaxe claimed it would, former co-CEO Nicole Kilner will step in as the sole interim CEO, with business operations expected to resume immediately. The decision was made after Estée Lauder — the multinational beauty corporation who has a minority stake in Deciem — filed an injunction in Ontario court asking for Truaxe to be removed from the company.

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So, what exactly does this mean? Deciem will continue manufacturing its cult-favorite products and all of the stores that have been closed will reopen. 

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This is good news for anyone who loves extremely cheap, but good skincare products, but bad news for fans of messy internet drama.  

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