Stormy Daniels Poses Topless As She Recounts How She Was A ‘F-ing B*tch’ To Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels shared a topless photo on her Instagram, and included some excerpts in the captions from a new interview with Olivia Nuzzi. During the interview, Stormy described how the one-night affair has changed her life, and how she has impacted others, detailed The Cut. The black-and-white photo Daniels shared to her social media page is one of two that appeared in the article. In it, Stormy faces the camera straight-on, wearing her hair down with a center part. She wore some dark eye-makeup, and wore no jewelry.

Daniels’ biggest supporters sent her positive messages about her photo, with many people telling her that she looked “beautiful” and “amazing.” One person joked, saying, “Thank you for your service.”

The interview that Stormy had with Nuzzi was straightforward and raw. It chronicled not just the one-night affair with now-President Donald Trump, but also delved into details about the immediate fallout from having her allegations publicized. She described how the venue emptied out thanks to her prior patrons being Trump supporters, but then how fans came pouring back in. Except when the fans came back, it was a new demographic of women who supported her and thanked her for helping them with their own issues.

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One of the more shocking statements she made was that she “checked” Trump “hard” during their one-night stand. When asked what she meant by that, Stormy simply replied, “I was a f*cking b*tch to him.” From there, she was asked about spanking Trump, and theorized that she was the only woman who’s ever done so.

“I think [I was the only woman who’s ever spanked Trump], just because he was so incredulous about it. I said it as a joke, and he didn’t think I’d actually do it. So then I had to do it.”

Additionally, Daniels described how her new fans, comprised of “large groups of women,” react to attending her strip shows.

“Now if you go to one of my shows, it’s large groups of women, oftentimes in homemade matching Stormy shirts. They are loud, and they’re angry. They’re like, ‘F*ck Trump.’ Or they’re crying. I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ. There’s no crying in t*ttie bars. What’s happening?’”

She also mentioned that there are women who come up to her after her shows, telling them that she gave them the courage to speak out about past sexual assaults. However, that doesn’t mean that Stormy aligns herself with the #MeToo movement. In fact, she’s very adamant that she’s not part of it, because “No one forced [her].”

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