Suge Knight Reveals TV Biopic Details, Admits Death Row Earned Violent Rep

Suge Knight‘s name is a constant topic on hip hop podcasts these days, but the incarcerated ex-music mogul is about to tell his life story his way, and says it’ll be nothing but raw, uncut facts!!!

TMZ Hip Hop spoke to the Death Row Records founder from the CA state penitentiary where he’s doing 28 years for voluntary manslaughter — and also plotting out a 10-season TV series on BLK Prime chronicling his life before during and after launching the legendary label home to Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

suge knight doc

Even though he’s behind bars, Suge told us he plans to provide voice-over for the series like Ray Liotta did as Henry Hill in “Goodfellas” — and each season will chronicle a different era of his life.

Season 1 will dive headfirst into Pac’s stint at Death Row until his death; season 2 will focus on Biggie‘s presence in the Death Row/Bad Boy beef; season 3 will be about Suge’s friendship turned rivalry with Diddy; seasons 4 and 5 will tackle Dre and Snoop respectively.

Death Row’s reputation as a hostile work environment has been discussed for years and Suge, being the big boss that he is, couldn’t deny his office had its fair share of physical dustups.

Suge and 2Pac

According to Suge, he intentionally brought the competitiveness he learned playing football to his office space to make Death Row as tough as its name. He says Pac and Snoop had no problem thriving in the gangsta environment but does acknowledge those crazy times took their toll on the company.

The 5 other planned seasons dig into the N.W.A-era and Eazy-E … plus the East and West coast tensions, the Crips and Bloods and, of course, Suge’s trial and conviction.

The show will begin filming this summer and stream exclusively in the fall on BLK Prime … a network Suge promises will leave his story intact, no matter how brutal it comes across.

Stay tuned … we’ve got more with Suge coming up, including his thoughts on Snoop buying Death Row while he was locked up!!! 🌚

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