Tarek & Christina El Moussa’s Son Brayden, 3, Rushed To Hospital After ‘Having Hard Time Breathing’

‘Flip or Flop’ hosts Tarek and Christina El Moussa had a scare when 911 had to be dialed for their three-year-old son, Brayden. Here’s the reason why their toddler needed to get in an ambulance, ASAP.

Tarek El Moussa, 37, shared a concerning post to Instagram on Oct. 15. Pictured in a hospital bed was his son Brayden, 3, whom he shares with Flip or Flop co-host Christina El Moussa, 35. Tarek revealed that while Brayden was at his grandmother’s house over the weekend, a 911 call was made to get Brayden in an ambulance. Croup was to blame. It’s an “inflammation of the vocal cords (larynx) and windpipe (trachea),” which can cause “difficulty of breathing,” a “barking cough,” and “hoarse voice,” according to MedlinePlus. Brayden’s dad was especially concerned about the first symptom. “It is always very scary to see your child having a hard time breathing,” he captioned the post. But Tarek also had a PSA to make, adding, “I’m sharing this to remind people it’s okay to ask for help in scary situations. The police and fire department are trained to help in these situations.” We’re happy that 911 call was made, considering the pictures Christina shared afterwards!

Brayden is now safe at home with his mom, which she revealed with an adorable photo on Oct. 15. “Reunited and it feels so good 😊,” the HGTV host wrote alongside an Instagram picture of Brayden hugging their French bulldog, Cash. Utterly adorable! Her toddler couldn’t contain his excitement to see his pet again, as Christina shared another photo of the cuddly reunion to her Instagram Story. We’re thrilled Tarek and Christina’s “Big Boy” appears to already have recovered!

Christina and Tarek were not mentioned in one another’s posts. The real estate agents turned HGTV stars split in December of 2016, and finalized their divorce in January of this year. The former couple also shares an eight-year-old daughter, Taylor Reese. Regardless of the divorce, the family unit remains close and Flip or Flop continues on. HollywoodLife even had an EXCLUSIVE chat with Tarek and found out how that’s possible! “I’ve said it before, at the end of the day, if mom and dad don’t get along and it affects the kids, mom and dad better get along,” the father of two told us in September of 2017. “Nothing else matters but the kids; not the TV show, not the business, nothing. The most important thing is the children.” He stuck by his answer, as you can tell in the post below!

Even though Christina’s now seeing television presenter Ant Anstead, it hasn’t appeared to affect her and Tarek’s now platonic relationship! Tarek poked fun at his ex-wife’s shoes just last month while filming their show in a silly Instagram video. “OMG😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 watch until the end!!! Christina bought ugly furry sandals and it looks like she’s walking on Squirrels😂😂😂…and…showed our contractor Jeff,” he captioned the post on Sept. 20.

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