Teacher Suing Kanye West Says Students Leaving Donda May Have Problems Transferring

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Students at Kanye West‘s Donda Academy are being deprived of the education they deserve, but the parents should be concerned if they try to go somewhere else — so says one of the teachers suing the rapper over the school.

Former Donda teacher Cecilia Hailey‘s now giving a word of warning to parents, telling TMZ they’re severely behind educationally — but that doesn’t mean moving somewhere else will instantly correct the problem.

She says the kids aren’t getting graded at the uncredited school, so transferring could be problematic.

Cecilia’s worried about the students’ futures … angry the kids are way behind on the learning curve.

As we reported, Cecilia and her daughter claimed they were fired from their teaching gigs at Donda after calling out the school’s flaws … also saying race was a factor.

Cecilia tells us Kanye might not be involved with the school’s issues, although she’s named him in the suit. She listed numerous problems with Donda, BTW — including a lack of chairs, locked front doors, and no lesson plans. She also complains the only item on the lunch menu was sushi.

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Cecilia also told us the curriculum oddly stays away from important topics like the Holocaust … and they didn’t even celebrate Black History Month.

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